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Congress Delays A Potential Government Shutdown As They’ve Reached A Temporary Agreement

House Republicans and Democrats have unexpectedly reached an agreement to finance the government, preventing a shutdown.

On Saturday afternoon, the House successfully approved the short-term spending bill designed to fund the government for an additional 45 days. The bill secured a substantial vote of 335 in favor and 91 against. This funding encompasses $16 billion designated for disaster relief, but notably, it does not incorporate any assistance for Ukraine.

“The House is going to act so government will not shut down, “Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy said. “We will put a clean funding stopgap on the floor to keep government open for 45 days for the House and Senate to get their work done.”

The legislation is now set to advance to the Senate. Lawmakers have indicated their willingness to facilitate a prompt vote. This vote is anticipated to occur within the next few hours, following a meeting among Senate Democrats.

If President Joe Biden signs the bill into law, it will extend the government’s operations for an another 45 days. Additionally, it will provide an extension for both the House and Senate to finalize comprehensive funding legislation.

Earlier on Saturday, during a confidential meeting, Republican leaders acknowledged that they did not have enough support to pass a CR solely relying on Republican votes. This admission left many lawmakers to believe that a government shutdown was almost certain to occur.

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