Consequence Claims Joe Budden Is Gay, Says He Has Joe’s Cell Phone

Consequence recently called into Hot 97 and spoke with Angie Martinez regarding the two altercations he had with Joe Budden this week. In the interview he talks about the REAL reason there was animosity. Cons says that it wasn’t the Hot 97 video of Joe checking him that upset him, he says that Joe did an interview with This Is 50’s Jack Thriller saying that if Cons says anything else disrespectful about him that the situation is going to end a different way. “A different way” meaning, differently than just two men talking, I suppose. Apparently Consequence didn’t take too kindly to that and reacted at the reunion show. Consequence does admit that he snuffed Joe and says “a jump for a snuff is fair barter”, saying that Joe Budden and a friend jumped him but it’s okay.


The interesting part of the interview comes about 10 minutes in. According to Cons, Joe dropped his cell phone at the scene of their fight. Unfortunately Cons says the phone was not locked and he went through the text messages. Consequence says that Joe received a text from Raqi Thunda asking if he was okay, another text from Kaylin requesting that whoever had the phone please return it (I guess that proves Kaylin is still around), and a third text from what is assumed to be a man named Derrick. I’m going to treat the following like a Baller Mail and offer a disclaimer that I don’t know if the following is true or not and that we’re just reporting what is said  because Cons has proven he has very woman-like ways and could very well be gossiping or making it all up. Either way, Consequence continues to tell a story of how Derrick sends a text to Joe reading “Don’t do anything stupid, we’re hanging on by a thin thread. I’m going to come see you after the reunion. I love you and I miss you.” According to Cons, Joe replies to Derrick with a request for him to come see him in London on Wednesday followed by emoticons of an engagement ring and a baby.  Joe Budden had a show in London Tuesday, Kaylin posted a photo of her and Joe in London earlier this week on her Instagram. Cons then asks Twitter to make #WhosDerrick a trending topic, then says he was so disgusted he broke the phone.


Angie Martinez asked the question we all have been asking for days, what the f*** is the point. Cons then starts raising his voice and brings up Kanye and Q-Tip again. Now answer this, if you had your rival’s phone, what would you do with it? Would you scan 2 or 3 text messages and destroy the evidence or would you hold on to it for leverage? Would you at least be like me and go through emails and photos? I’m not sure I believe Consequence’s entire story.


You can listen to the entire interview here:

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