Cop Fired After Writing Comment Insisting It’s “Unfortunate” That More Black People Haven’t Died From Coronavirus In A FaceBook Chat

While the coronavirus pandemic has changed the outlook on life for many individuals, inspiring us to all to change the way we think and be kinder to one another, racist people continue to prove that they’ll never change.

Despite statistics indicating that African Americans have died at a higher rate from COVID-19, due to underlying health issues and comorbidity’s, one Louisiana police officer has so much hate in his heart that he went online to imply that it’s “unfortunate” that more black people haven’t died from the virus.

According to CBS affiliate KLFY, Kaplan, Louisiana police officer Steven Aucoin wrote the remarks in a live FaceBook chat created by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, Complex reports.

One user wrote in the chat that COVID-19 was “created to kill all the blacks.”

Aucoin responded to the comment writing, “Well it didn’t work. … How unfortunate.”

Kaplan Police Department has since taken to Facebook to address the situation and announce Aucoin’s termination.

“We are writing this to inform everyone that we were made aware of the situation with the comments on Facebook from Steven Aucoin. Chief Hardy had the incident looked into, and the officer was terminated. Chief Hardy and the Kaplan Police Department would like to apologize for this matter,” the statement reads.

However, some believe that the comments may have been taken out of context and weren’t meant to be harmful.

Joshua Brothers, a Louisiana firefighter and an army veteran says the order of the comments could have been out of wack due to Facebook’s timeline not being in “consecutive order.”

“The newest [Facebook] update doesn’t put the comments in consecutive order like it used to,” Brothers said. “It’s not a timeline thing. Relevant, newer comments might be above. Some comments aren’t listed at all.”

However, Chief Hardy ignored that suggestion after investigating the entire thread and finding other comments made by Aucoin.

“There were some comments that were further up that was not suitable for a police officer to put up on Facebook,” Hardy said.

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