Ballerific Relationships: How To Snag A Corporate Baller


So you want to date a baller. Well, while competition for athletes, actors, and music artists can be very cut-throat maybe it’s time for you to set your sights on a corporate baller. Below are a few helpful tools to assist you in attracting and possibly landing a corporate baller.


Check Your Surroundings

Look around where you live banks, bookstores, and coffee shops are one of the few places where corporate ballers and regular people such as yourself have a natural chance of coming across each other. Just remember while bookstores draw people from various walks of life, the sections to browse through would be finance, marketing, management, self-help, and public relations are favorite categories for corporate ballers.


Attend Business Events

Look for business conventions, seminars, workshops, and conferences that are taking place in a city near you. Attending these events will allow you to mingle with successful minds in the business world, which there are bound to be a few singles. Now, if any of these are restricted to non-professionals like yourself or charging outside of your budget for entry fees, consider volunteering at the event.


Exclusive Clubs

Majority of corporate ballers are members of country clubs or some type of exclusive club. These type of clubs usually have annual subscriptions that run into thousands of dollars and can have a three-year waiting list. Visiting such clubs will put you in direct contact with wealthy businessmen. Apart from traditional clubs, there may be clubs catering to specific interests and activities such as wine appreciation clubs, yachting clubs, etc. that attract corporate businessmen. Now though you may not be able to afford the membership fees, look for occasions and events held at these clubs where guests are allowed.


Upscale Hangouts

Remember every corporate baller needs a break and what better place to chill out other than the most happening hangout zones. However, don’t go to chili’s or disco-hopping just about anywhere but only at those places where you know the wealthy and single hang out.

Now maybe you’re reading this and saying I’ll stick to my athletes, actors, and music artists. However, if you do decide to go for the corporate type be prepared. Make sure that you come prepared with some knowledge and not just looks, a potential date might want to know what a pretty woman like yourself is doing among a sea of suits. Good luck and happy hunting!

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