Correction: Deion’s Aunt Socks Pilar In The Eye?

If you think I’ve been posting a lot on the fiasco of these two, sadly you’re mistaken. Every 15 minutes there is a new Deion and Pilar Sanders headline that I politely ignore. There’s been everything from Deion’s claims that Pilar is trying to extort him to Pilar’s claims that Deion has stopped supporting their family all together and only gives her money in exchange for sex. It’s a hot Hall Of Fame mess if you ask me! This story however,  I couldn’t let get passed me. What is really going on?


According toTMZ the cops were called to the Sanders’ mansion yesterday after a woman by the name of Laura came by to see Deion. Pilar asked her to leave and Laura refused, then leading to a shouting match which THEN lead to the woman picking up an object and launching it at Pilar, striking her in the eye. Where was Deion, you ask? According to Pilar, he was there, doing nothing.



Adults need not act this way. Deion needs to keep his side-pieces off the property until his divorce is final. Pilar needs Deion to go ahead and buy her that house as per their pre-nup and everyone needs to keep their dirt off of TMZ.

UPDATE: I received word from someone close to the family who says Laura is Deion’s “aunt” and not his side-piece. I’ll say this though, how about we stop selling stories to media outlets and twisting the story LOL…Anywho, regardless of WHO it was, this is entirely too much!

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