Cost Of McDonald's Big Mac Skyrocketing Due To Inflation

Cost Of McDonald’s Big Mac Skyrocketing Due To Inflation

As inflation haunts every facet of American life, McDonald’s prized Big Mac is no exception. 

Unfortunately, the famous beef sandwich, which debuted in the late 1960s, is experiencing a steep price increase. CashNetUSA conducted a study recently that confirmed this grim reality, which cuts deeper into customers’ pockets. Per the data published earlier this month, the average price of a McDonald’s Big Mac stands at $5.15. This is an almost 22% increase since the period prior to COVID-19. 

The cost of the Big Mac varies by state, and some had much higher prices. Take New York, for instance. Grabbing this flavorful burger will run you around $5.23. Neighboring New Jersey has Big Macs priced at $5.19, while California Big Macs sit at $5.11. If you’re balling with no budget, Hawaii has the sandwich, listed at $5.31, the priciest in the country. For the least expensive Big Mac, you can head down to Mississippi, where McDonald’s menus offer their favored dish for just $3.91

Overall, the burger has skyrocketed 125% since 1996. And sadly, it could go even higher. Operational and labor costs are the two most significant factors driving inflation, affecting other fast food chains. In OctoberFox News contributor Scott Martin went viral for sharing that he spent $28 at Taco Bell, using the moment to highlight the soaring prices of food. 

Still, even with Americans having to fork over more cash for this lunch favorite, other countries are selling Big Macs for even more. In Switzerland and Lichtenstein, the price of a Big Mac can be nearly $7.75, which is only for the sandwich. The meal is going to cost you extra.


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