Could You Date A Man That Had Been Raped?


Coming from me this subject matter is a bit of a “downer”, but I was watching a movie on BET last night of a guy going to prison and immediately after getting locked up being raped multiple times by his cell mate. This happened repeatedly during his stay in prison.


I got to thinking, when women are victim’s of sexual abuse we are treated with white gloves. Everyone is sensitive to the issue and most likely, your future boyfriend has no choice but to be understanding to the situation and help you get through it. 


Now Ladies, what do you do if your significant other tells you that he had been raped. Either he had done jail time and had been raped by someone in jail or he had experienced something similar to Raz B’s situation and had been taken advantage of by someone(s) that he trusted dearly?


I can’t speak on anyone else but If I was with someone who had gone through this issue I couldn’t do anything but attempt to be there for him. I’m a “caregiver” at heart so my immediate response is to try and make him feel better. Having never been in this situation myself I wouldn’t have any words of encouragement to give or anything to help the situation. In fear of my compassionate coming off as being “fake” it probably would be best for me to leave him alone (if that’s what he asked). I highly doubt I’d be able to provide the emotional strength he needed so I probably would be more of a burden than any help. However, this is just ME. 


What would you do in this situation? 

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