Could Your Best Friend Be After Your Boyfriend?

These days you don’t know who to trust. Someone you consider your best friend could be giving you bad advice just because she thinks that the man you are with could be better suited for her. This isn’t always the case, but I’ve seen it happen. What are some signs you should look for to determine that your best friend is out to get your boyfriend? I came up with a few myself.

1 – She Doesn’t Like Him – A lot of times when it seems your best friend doesn’t like your boyfriend for no real reason at all, there is a motive behind it. If you just can’t get why she always has such negative things to say about him, it’s probably because she wants to pollute your mind into believing what she is telling you. Be extra cautious if she only has mean things to say about him when she is with you but is nice to him in person. 

2 – She’s Flirtatious – If your BFF thinks flirting with your man is a good idea, she’s probably the wrong kind of friend. Granted, you must know your friend well enough to know if she is flirting. Sometimes we as women get a little insecure and immediately think that because our friend and boyfriend remotely get along that something is going on. If she is overly friendly, touchy or makes sexual remarks towards him, be very cautious about her. Also be careful if she adds him as a friend on social networks but neglected to tell you about it. 

3 – She Calls Him Her Brother – Everyone knows that a girl has 3 types of brothers. Blood brothers, Those she’s friend zoned and those she’d like to have sex with.  8 times out of 10 you’re not dating her blood relative and the friend zone only exists when she believe that the male in question would attempt to make a pass at her. This usually leaves the last option, she wants to have sex with him.

4 – She Acts Awkward Around Him – If your girl friend acts awkward around your boyfriend, she probably can’t hide her feelings for him very well. Think about whether she knew him before you did. Did the two ever date? Is he her type physically? If so, it could be possible that she has feelings for him. This doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll snatch him away but I wouldn’t be naive about it either. 

5 – She Invites Your Boyfriend Out Without You – This one has happened to me before. If your best friend invites your boyfriend out without you (or even has his phone number for that matter) you probably can’t trust her. There’s no reason that your boyfriend and best friend need to be alone together. There’s no reason they need to do ANYTHING that you’re not involved in. If you’re out of town, their little meet up can wait!

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