North Carolina Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of Man Convicted Of Murdering Michael Jordan's Father

North Carolina Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of Man Convicted Of Murdering Michael Jordan’s Father

A North Carolina appeals court ruled in favor of the man convicted of murdering Michael Jordan’s father, setting the stage for a possible retrial. 

Daniel Green was sentenced to life in prison, along with Larry Demery, for the 1993 murder of James Jordan. Jordan was shot and killed while he slept in his car. 

Green admitted to helping Demery dump Jordan’s body but has maintained that he did not participate in the murder. 

In 2020, a judge ruled against Green, denying him a chance to present new evidence in a court. The North Carolina Court of Appeals rescinded that decision, and now the judge will have to reconsider.

The appeals court asks the judge to review all of the evidence presented by Green’s attorneys. It does not guarantee Green will get another trial, but it does open the door for the possibility. 

​​”I was pretty emotional for Daniel because it’s been so long since he was arrested that anything positive has happened for him and for his family,” attorney Christine Mumma said.

Mumma claims ineffective counsel, citing errors made by Green’s defense attorneys that she believes warrant further review. There is also a witness who says she saw Green at a party when the murder was committed. 

Demery took a plea deal in the case and testified against Green at their trial. He will be eligible for parole in 2024. 

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