New Test To Detect COVID-19 And Flu Added To California Health System

A new, fast, and accurate test that detects both COVID-19 and seasonal flu is being used by UC Davis Health. UC Davis Health is the first healthcare provider in Sacramento to use the rapid test. The test has an accuracy rate of almost 100% and can give results within 20 minutes.

There are three types of COVID-19 tests: the antigen test, the molecular/PCR test, and the antibody test. For the antigen test, a nasal or throat swab is used to pick up protein that may be present. The antigen test is fast, less expensive, and less accurate. Molecular or PCR tests detect RNA, genetic information of the virus through a swab. Although it takes longer to achieve results, the molecular/PCR test is more accurate. The antibody test uses blood samples to see if the virus’s antibodies are present in a person’s immune system.

The new testing is vital for healthcare institutions because it saves time. Other testing methods would usually take 24 to 48 hours to bring results. Management of the virus and treatment is more thorough due to the new advancement.


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