COVID-19 Outbreak At Ski Resort in Germany Linked To U.S. Citizen Who Refused To Quarantine

As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the United States, foreign countries across the globe have closed their borders to U.S. citizens in an attempt to stop the global spread of the virus.

However, a few countries have welcomed U.S. citizens with open arms throughout the pandemic, with strict restrictions and conditions. But, despite the new rules and travel regulations, one Western European country has been hit with an outbreak that has since been linked to a U.S. citizen.

According to CNN, a new coronavirus outbreak at a popular Bavarian ski resort has been linked to a U.S. citizen who was working at the lodge, officials said Monday.

The lodge is operated by the U.S. Army.

“There is an investigation for possible assault through negligence,” Andrea Meyer of the state’s prosecutor’s office said.

According to the publication, the person, who has not been named, recently returned to Bavaria after a vacation aboard. Despite having COVID-19 symptoms, the American continued to fraternize with friends.

Although it is unclear where the person traveled for vacation, sources say it was not the United States.

The person then took a coronavirus test and was instructed to stay inside until they received the results, but chose not to and ended up testing positive for the virus.

Although the person is now in quarantine, the infection left 24 other people with the coronavirus, sparking a sharp jump in cases. Thirty-three cases were reported on September 11 alone.

“We did not have so many even during the height of corona,” Stephan Scarf, press officer at Garmisch-Partenkirchen District Administrator’s Office, said. “This kind of behavior, of course, is everything but commendable.”

“We have massively increased the testing station, now we have to wait for the test results,” Scharf told CNN on Monday. “We don’t know how many people the assumed spreader infected, although we know [the person] was out being infectious.”

Since the incident, the Edelweiss Lodge has closed. In fact, beginning Monday, the lodge will close for two weeks after several staff members tested positive for the virus.

Germany has reported more than 262,500 cases of coronavirus overall, according to Johns Hopkins University. But, the Bavarian town, according to CNN, “has a seven-day COVID-19 incidence rate of 55 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.” The town has a population of 88,424.

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