"COVID-19 Parties" Kills One, Hospitalizes Three

“COVID-19 Parties” Kills One, Hospitalizes Three

One man has died, and at least three others have been hospitalized due to dangerous and increasingly popular functions known as “COVID-19 parties.”

Health officials report that a 55-year-old man died in Austria last week after intentionally being infected with coronavirus while attending one of the parties in South Tyrol, a province in northeast Italy. Three other people, including one child, remain in the hospital after attending different parties in the same area.

Investigators in Italy have now opened a criminal investigation into the gatherings since deliberately spreading the virus is against the law under the state of emergency statutes currently in place.

Patrick Franzoni, the coordinator of the anti-Covid unit in Bolzano, is the person who brought the practice to the forefront when he reported his findings to the Italian newspaper Il Dolomiti last week. He explained that people are participating in these functions to wrongfully obtain a “green pass,” which is required to work in Italy.

A “green pass” can only be obtained if you are fully vaccinated, and it is valid for up to nine months. However, anti-vaxxers have found a loophole where they can still get the pass by becoming infected and recovering from the virus, which will grant them a six-month work pass. Franzoni says his unit has received multiple reports from doctors confirming that patients admitted to getting infected with the virus to get their “green pass” without taking the shot.

“They do this to develop antibodies and to obtain the green pass without vaccination,” Franzoni stated.

Children over age 12 are also required to have the “green pass” to attend school. Officials have found that many parents are forcing them to attend these parties as well. Party-goers who are infected spread the virus to attendees by hugging, kissing, sharing drinks, or breathing on them.

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