Cuba Gooding Jr. Accused Of Sexual Assault By Another Woman; Actor Denies Allegations

Just days after Cuba Gooding Jr. surrendered to police following accusations of groping a woman at a New York City bar, the actor is defending himself again over a new claim. This time, the woman is a blogger/comedian named Claudia Oshry who said the actor molested her in 2012 when she was just a teenager.

Oshry discussed the alleged assault on “The Morning Toast,” a podcast she co-hosts, last week. She said she was 16 years old when Gooding “put his finger up my butt.” Oshry later elaborated during an interview with ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ saying the assault happened inside a club in New York while at a table with her friends. She said, “…I felt someone inappropriately touching me… I turn around, and Cuba Gooding Jr. is there hysterically laughing. I was mortified.”

“Nobody had ever touched me without my consent before. I wasn’t planning on turning around and seeing a celebrity, just your average NYC degenerate,” Oshry said. She admitted that she didn’t contact authorities about the incident because she was afraid she’d “get in trouble for being at a club underage and using a fake ID.”

She said a few people in her life knew what happened, but she mostly used the experience as material for her stand-up routines. “Now I use it as a shtick in my show on tour,” she said on her podcast. “Like, you really want to put a finger up my butt? Without my consent? Fine, but I’m going to use it for all that it’s worth.”

According to People Magazine, Gooding’s attorney, Mark Heller, said in a statement that the actor denies Oshry’s allegation.

Heller stated, “Mr. Gooding told me such an event never happened. He doesn’t know this individual.”

Oshry told ET that she’d been contacted by at least five women who claim to have shared similar incidents of sexual misconduct against Gooding. “I think lots of people are embarrassed to speak on this,” Oshry said.

Cuba Gooding vs Comedian
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