Cuba Gooding Jr. Is Reportedly Facing Groping Accusations From 30 Women, According to Prosecutors

According to Complex, Prosecutors say that 30 women have come forward against Cuba Gooding Jr. for his groping case that is deliberating in Manhattan, NY.   

Cuba is facing three counts of forcible touching and three counts of sex abuse to the third degree and has denied all allegations. This Thursday in court, more women came forward with accusations of Cuba touching them without consent.

In the beginning, he was accused of groping three different women at bars in Manhattan during 2018 and 2019. The number of women accusing him of sexually inappropriate behavior is continuing to grow.

The actor’s lawyer, Peter Toumbekis, has reportedly requested to question the women that are accusing Gooding, wanting to ask questions regarding childhood abuse and personal trauma. His lawyer also wanted to ask a particular accuser about a statement she shared about her breast size, bringing up a suggestion that she has a negative self-body image that could have impacted her perception of the situation with Gooding.

“Do you intend to ask the witness what she feels about the size of her breasts?” asked Judge Curtis Farber on Thursday. “I do,” replied Toumbekis. Assistant district attorney Jenna Long called the line of questioning, “Simply offensive.” “Tell me the connection between the size of her breasts and the relevance at trial,” Farber added, as Toumbekis replied, “She actually talks about the fact that she’s self-conscious about her breast size.” He proceeded to call the questions “fair.”

Toumbekis also proposed he wanted to ask an accuser a question concerning an alleged interest in threesomes and open relationships. Farber stated the defense could ask those questions, but only if they were relevant to the case. Gooding’s trial was scheduled to begin back in April originally, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The next court date is scheduled for Sept. 1, and if found guilty, Gooding could face up to a year in prison.

Cuba Gooding Hit With More Allegations
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