Cupcakke Disses Female Artists And Responds To Backlash From New Song

Rapper Cupcakke is not backing down to criticism stemming from her diss track that calls out some of the most prominent stars in hip-hop music today.

The Chicago born raptress took aim at more than 20 rap contemporaries in a new song called “How to Rob (Remix)” and instantly began trending on Twitter.

Many fans on social media took issue with the jabs directed at Lizzo, Cardi B., and Megan Thee Stallion among others, leading Cupcakke to jump on Twitter to defend the lyrics.

On the track, Cupcakke raps, “Catch Lizzo and drag her out the food court.” In another bar she takes a swipe at Cardi B with, “Runnin’ through your party just so I can find Cardi. Like ‘Bitch I’m finna give you your old teeth back!'”

Keep up with current events, she alluded to this year’s drama between Tory Lanez and hot girl Meg Thee Stallion, saying “Run up on Megan like ‘Give me your funds,'” she raps before adding, “And you can’t even run cause you just got shot.”

After one fan assured everyone that diss raps are apart of hip hop tradition. Cupcakke replied, “I think it’s a beautiful thing & any one upset with it it’s just use to the mediocre. Understand it’s not male rappers complaining it’s female rappers. Sit back & enjoy talent at its finest & for the last time it’s all love to all the rappers mentioned. Don’t be sensitive.”

So far, none of the rappers mentioned in the song have responded to the track.

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