Customer Threatens Puerto Rican Woman For Speaking Spanish: “I Hope Trump Deports You”

A white customer went on a racist rant when she overheard another patron speaking Spanish, and the woman’s racist tirade was caught on video. 

In the video, she’s seen telling a Puerto Rican woman that she should “be deported” and go back to her “own country.”

According to NBC 10, Johanny Santana was shopping in Abington Township, located in Montgomery County, Penn. According to a video she posted on Facebook, Santana was at check-out at the store, in the process of paying and leaving, when the woman behind her in line began going off.

The video shows that she was unhappy with the fact that Santana was speaking Spanish. When Santana, a Puerto Rican woman, asked if she had a problem, the other woman responded, “Can you stop talking to me?

As the rant continued, the video shows both women getting more and more heated. “I was born here, you don’t belong here,” the woman told Santana. “Go back to your own country — we’re not your fu***ing piggyback.”

The customer can be seen on the video, telling Santana how she “should be deported” because she “came here illegally.” She added that she hopes that Trump deports her.

Santana did admit that she used some choice words of her own towards the racist customer, that she wasn’t proud of.

“I regret it because I didn’t want to tell her that,” she told the Philadelphia channel. “I felt powerless because I didn’t speak English well enough to be able to properly respond to her.”

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