Cutting Down Women Is The New Norm: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Edition

I love to sit on Twitter while award shows, television shows and other cool things on TV are airing. It’s a great time to bond over jokes and it feels like one big virtual watch party. While everyone was watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion all seemed well, that is until a few folks took this as an opportunity to begin bashing women. The bashing, so to speak, lead well into today with comments such as “You urban models will never be Victoria’s Secret models. That’s REAL modeling” or “Now you see what REAL models look like, not you Instagram models”.

Let me put you on some game. There is no such thing as “Real” modeling. There are many different types of modeling. Glamour, Urban, Runway, Plus Size, Commercial, High Fashion etc etc. Modeling is more like the word “music” and its types are genres therefore you can’t use the word “Real” because that’s stupid. Secondly, why is it that the men (because it was mostly men) who can’t get play from a high fashion model want to bash urban models. In reality, you’re not getting play from anyone, you should be happy if someone picks a booger in your direction. These are usually the type of broke guys who diss women for being on Baller Alert as if they would ever get two sentences dedicated to them on here. It’s for that reason that watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show irks me every single year.

Allow me to start off by saying that I have never in my life took an interest in modeling. I would rather take photos than pose for them. I have managed models though, both urban and high fashion. I have placed models in music videos, I have placed them in film, I have placed them on television and I have placed them in ad campaigns. It kills me when people who don’t know anything about the modeling game bash women for not walking a televised catwalk as if those who DID will automatically become overnight billionaires. Newsflash, majority of Victoria’s Secrets models aren’t rich. They’re young girls who auditioned for a part and got it. They’re living 4 people to a studio apartment in NYC, working cashier jobs at Target and eating tuna sandwiches just to survive, just like any other struggling person. They just happened to be 5’11 with beautiful bone structure. Thank their parents and God.

Where did this notion that all of these women step off the runway and are Tyra Banks? Even Tyra couldn’t eat off of modeling money forever. Even Tyra couldn’t continue to starve herself to be a supermodel forever. What makes a fashion model’s struggle any different than the urban model? They both shoot for magazines for pennies. They both have to audition. One just came to the realization that she is not tall enough, skinny enough, white enough or androgynous enough to do anything other than urban modeling. If she can turn that urban modeling into something bigger and more lucrative, why not. Hell, Tae Heckard did it. She started off as an urban model, was in music videos, did a few magazines and now she is all over your television and movie screens. People are quick to put down the urban model for the fashion model but neglect to see those fashion models that are cooped up in a trap house with heroine needles stuck in their arm.

When the average girl graduated high school and was 5’5, had some tits and a butt, I think she knew she wasn’t going to be a Victoria’s Secret Model. I don’t think she needs the constant reminder from overweight, underpaid and underachieved men. Please put your negativity on to someone else.  Of course she knows she isn’t and will never be a Victoria’s Secret model, just like we know you will never be in the NFL or NBA. Genetics are a bitch aren’t they?

Ladies, please don’t let these loser men distract u. If u want to toot it for King Mag, be the best f-ing King Mag model u can be. Use that King Magazine spread to get u some real opportunities and some real money then invest THAT money so u can eat good for life. Invest in your brand. Take high quality photos and grind it out to no end. There are just as many avenues for you as there are for girls taller and skinner than you, just make sure that whatever you do you are the best at it. No half stepping. Keep the body tight, the hair tight, and your brand even tighter. I have seen a considerable amount of urban models, basketball wives and reality stars turn urban fame into success and money just like I’ve seen “regular” looking women getting wifed by Ballers so don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t fit the mold.

Fellas, also keep in mind every pretty girl isn’t trying to model anyway. So don’t diss the “instagram model” who has more followers than you. If she plays her hustle right, she can turn those followers into money. You on the other hand are still a struggling no name. You are upset because you want to be a rapper but she has more fans than you do. Maybe you should ask her how she does what she does before she asks you where the cash at.

End Rant.

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