BA Exclusive: Cynthia Bailey Talks Latest ‘RHOA’ Episode, Kenya Moore’s Relationship and more

In Sunday’s episode, the Real Housewives of Atlanta took to Marc Daly’s Black Man’s Lab Charity event to highlight and celebrate the essence of black people, particularly black men.

Despite the positive aspects of the event, there appeared to be heavy tensions between Daly and his wife, Kenya Moore, who he declined to acknowledge at the event. In fact, just one day after the drama-filled event, the Dalys announced their split, as well as their plan to file for divorce.

Now, as the world reacts to the news, Cynthia Bailey is providing some clarity on the messiness of the charitable event.

Cynthia Bailey for Baller Alert
Cynthia Bailey for Baller Alert

In a one-on-one interview with Baller Alert, Bailey opened up about the event and spilled a little more tea about Kenya Moore’s relationship with Marc Daly.

“The seating wasn’t really as big of an issue as it kinda came off to be. However, I do feel like… I mean, it’s obvious Kenya’s having some major issues in her relationship, and that’s frustrating, and it’s kinda hard to watch, to be honest.”

“I felt like in that moment, pretty much what I said in my confessional, that the focus should have been more on what was going on with Kenya and Marc, as opposed to with Marlo.”

Cynthia Bailey for Baller Alert
Cynthia Bailey for Baller Alert

As she continued, she dished on the couple’s estranged relationship, saying, “Kenya’s my friend, Kenya’s a really good friend of mine, and I am one of the few ladies on the show that actually saw Kenya’s relationship in the beginning when things were great. I’ve seen Marc be amazing to her; I know how happy they were. So to see it be where it is now, as her friend, it’s upsetting for me to watch her go through that. If they don’t want to be together, then they shouldn’t be together, but I don’t think you should stay with someone and treat them like sh*t, basically,” she said.

From there, Bailey divulged the behind-the-scenes characteristics of her castmates and even opened up about her own journey on the show.

Cynthia Bailey for Baller Alert
Cynthia Bailey for Baller Alert

“I am the grace of the show, I am a very reasonable, rational person,” she said. “I think with that; it’s not easy being on a reality show. You have to have tough skin; you gotta deal with the shade. There is some negativity, a lot of negativity that comes with it, and I’m a very positive person. So for me, it’s like I have to figure out how to be me, don’t sell my soul or compromise who I am, and still be able to read a bitch if I have to.”

Elsewhere, Bailey opened up about the impact of social media, her wedding plans, and her new business ventures, which included a dating show she’s working on with her fiancé, Mike.

Check out the full episode below:

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