D.L. Hughley Talks How His Wife Financially Supported His Mistress

D.L. Hughley recently opened up about his cheating past and how his wife was financially supporting his mistress.
During an interview with VLAD, the comedian discussed the unfortunate details of how his cheating resulted in a child being born – who at only 9 months old was killed by his side chick’s then-boyfriend. Now, Hughley is adding more to the story noting that his wife stepped in to help financially support his mistress.
Hughley said he eventually told his wife he’d been cheating on her, and after not speaking to her for some time the woman was now returning to his life in need of money. “Years later, the girl — it jammed her up too like it did me,” he said. “She started asking for money. She needed some money, and I told her my wife would have to take care of it, because I couldn’t.” He went on to say that after speaking with one another the two women came to agreement.
“So, she and my wife started talking and my wife started giving her money,” he continued. “The condition was that she could never ask me and my wife to take care of her, so my wife took it from my allowance that I’ve never gotten back.” He isn’t sure if his wife is still helping her out but noted that he no longer gets an “allowance.”⠀⠀
Hughley added that after telling his wife that the woman was the mother of his late child his wife told her, “Sorry for your loss.”

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