DaBaby Clears Up His JoJo Siwa Line In “Beatbox” Freestyle

DaBaby is clearing up the eyebrow-raising bar that he dropped about YouTube star JoJo Siwa in his latest freestyle.

Over the weekend, DaBaby dropped a freestyle over Spotemgottem’s hit single, “Beatbox.” In addition to his freestyle, he also debuted a visual to go along with it. DaBaby’s began with his usual flow. However, fans were quickly taken aback when the 29-year-old said a line about JoJo.

“N—-, you a b—-/ JoJo Siwa, b—-/ She let the wrong n—- get rich,” DaBaby rhymes. In the freestyle video, he is seen holding up a photo of a JoJo as he raps the bar.

Twitter began dragging the rapper for seemingly taking unprovoked shots at JoJo. At first, DaBaby chose to ignore the flurry of tweets calling for him to be canceled, tweeting, “I love Twitter bruh.” However, as his fans began to turn on him, he was forced to clear his name.

He mentioned JoJo Siwa directly, letting her know that he and his three-year-old daughter were actually fans of hers.

“Don’t let em trick you into thinking id ever have a problem with you. My word play just went over their heads.” DaBaby ended with “All love on my end shawty, Keep shinning!”

He further cleared up his play on words via his Instagram Story, calling out people who were okay with “that child being tricked into thinking I got a problem with her.”

JoJo Siwa nor her reps have responded to the song.

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