DaBaby Shells Out $10,000 To Continue Performance At Festival

DaBaby Shells Out $10,000 To Continue Performance At Festival

DaBaby is committed to delivering a whole show to his fans. 

The rapper was on stage at Summer Unlocked when the promoters told him that he had about eight minutes left to perform. But DaBaby wasn’t ready to end his set just yet.

“So, they just said we got 8 minutes left or anything after 12 o’clock, that’s $10,000,” he told the crowd. “So if I pay the $10,000 out my pocket, I could give ’em the full show?” 

He then tells the crowd they thought they were paying to see him, but now he was paying to see his fans. 

“Did you spend $10,000 on this sh*t?” he asks the crowd. He then cues the crowd to thank him. “Okay, then. On the count of three, let me hear you say, ‘Thank you, Baby,'” he says to cheers. The crowd obliges. 

Check out the video below. 

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