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Damar Hamlin Launches Scholarship Program To Honor Cincinnati Medical Team Who Saved His Life After He Suffered Cardiac Arrest
Damar Hamlin (NFL)

“Damar Hamlin 3 for Heart Challenge” Is Encouraging Fans To Learn Hands-Only CPR 

After nearly losing his life a month ago, Damar Hamlin is making strides in his recovery and is now encouraging everyone to get CPR training. 

The Buffalo Bills safety has joined forces with the American Heart Association (AHA) for an initiative known as the “Damar Hamlin 3 for Heart Challenge.” Through this program, people will learn how to perform hands-only CPR, which saved Hamlin’s life when he suffered a cardiac arrest on the field after tackling Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins on January 2nd. 

“As you know, CPR saved my life earlier this year on the field, and CPR could easily save your life or someone you love,” the 24-year-old said in an Instagram video. 

Step one of the challenge is visiting heart.org/3 and watching a short video demonstrating how to administer hands-on CPR. Step two is donating to the AHA, which will go towards education and training, including local in-person CPR courses. Lastly, Hamlin asks that everyone share the challenge across social media using the hashtag #3forHeart.

Hamlin spent a little over a week in intensive care at UC Medical Center after the medical scare, which took place inside Paycor Stadium as thousands of fans looked on. He had to be resuscitated twice and was placed on a ventilator. After nine days, he was released from the hospital. Hamlin still has quite a long rehab ahead of him. His business partner and friend Jordan Rooney spoke with CNN, revealing that he still requires oxygen and “gets winded very easily.” 

Still, Hamlin is grateful to be alive thanks to the quick actions of assistant trainer Denny Kellington, who performed CPR on the field, and the medical professionals who worked tirelessly to restore his health. 

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