Dame Dash & Lee Daniels Settle On “The Butler”, “Precious” and “Empire”

Back in August we reported that Dame Dash wasn’t too pleased with Lee Daniels after he says he lent him money to fund his projects and didn’t get so much as his name in the credits in return. He specifically noted dumping $2M in “The Woodsman” in 2004 and got his celebrity friends Kanye, Mariah Carey, etc to promote Daniels’ films. Not only that, Dash claimed that he was screwed out of his executive producer and producer credits on the films and according to court documents, he was looking for a minimum of $25Mil.

A judge never made a ruling on whether to allow the claims. Instead, the parties have worked out their differences on their own in the form of Lee Daniels working his magic on Dame’s latest project. 

Dash broke the news on Instagram yesterday saying, “This #bukowski movie gets serious and by the way lee Daniel is executive producer on this one…pause we squashed are beef…never wanna have a problem with another man from our culture…business is a ruff sport but yeah we worked it out…stay tuned @damondashstudios I can finally watch precious the butler and empire…I was to sick about it before.,,shout out to lee Daniels right now.” He then followed it up with a post on Lee Daniels today: “United we stand…divided is not an option…some times you have to bring the war to get to the peace…war is the last resort but sometime necessary but at the end of the day I’m not trying to fight unless I have to…as a culture we moving together it’s the only way…now let’s get to work makes no sense for us to fight over success it’s to be shared with the people that helped you get there…I walk that like I talk it….” 

Glad they could work it out!

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