BA Exclusive: Dame Dash Slams Lawyers and Accountants In Rant, Says Kanye West Is The Only One That Reached Out To Him: “He Always Reaches Out”

Last week, Dame Dash was arrested in New York City over unpaid child support to two of the mothers of his children, Rachel Roy, and Cindy Morales. The news came in the wake of an earlier report that the mogul owed more than $400,000 in child support to the two women.

After his arrest, the mogul said he was escorted to a Bronx courthouse to cover the rest of his debt, paying $1 million to clear his name and be released. Days later, the mogul sat for a deposition in another case, in which he was sued for a movie deal gone bad.

But now, Dame Dash is opening up about all the controversy that has been attached to his name over the last few weeks, as well as over the years. In an exclusive interview with Baller Alert, the businessman also revealed how he’s been able to handle the negative press.

“I came out here to deal with shit, and I dealt with shit,” Dame Dash said. “Only way to be great is to deal with your problems. You line them shits up so you can shut ‘em down, and that’s what I do. I’m not scared of people, I have fun regulating people that try to bully. I like to bully the bully and impress the impresser, but you not taking nothing from me.”

“Fuck you pay me,” he said, adding that everyone is working to take him down. “It’s all about the lawyers. It’s about Chris Brown trying to leverage or make it where I couldn’t come into the city so they could steal my movie, “The List,” that I directed.”

“It’s about Darnell Suarez, representing Cindy and Rachel, not letting me pay for the child support so they could leverage my interest in Rachel Roy,” he continued, as he listed a slew of other attorneys. “All of those guys, it’s about Barry Kleinberg that didn’t pay my taxes on purpose or tells me he paid my taxes, and then I find out he didn’t, and then I got to deal with it and he’s not accountable.”

As Dash continued, he offered suggestions to hold these attorneys and accountants accountable for their wrong moves and bad decisions. “The accountability should be with these lawyers and these accountants. There should be laws that make them accountable because they fuck your shit up, you pay them, and then you don’t know… you’ll be a young person in the music or any kind of industry, you have no idea. They take everything you got, they don’t pay the taxes, you pay em to do the right thing and then take advantage of that and then when you have no more left, they break out.”

“There’s no accountability for the advice they give you or the misrepresentations,” Dash said. “Like Darnell Suarez did not care that I didn’t see my son in six years cause they want to get my interest in Rachel Roy, and that’s crazy.”

“It’s culture over money,” he added, saying it’s all documented in the court of law. “I walked in the courtroom it was already paid,” Dash said, in reference to his child support debt. “I been trying to pay it for four years, but they were trying to raise the money to buy my interest at auction.”

But when asked if he was optimistic about this situation being settled, Dash said, “It’s petty shit, I got a television network,” he said. “I don’t fight for me, I fight for we.”

Before he ended his rant, Dash showed love to Kanye West, claiming the Chicago rapper is the only one that has reached out to him.  “Kanye,” he said. “He always reaches out, he’s the only one.  Everybody else…Kanye’s the only person I’ve invested in that invested back, and people should see that as the bigger picture when it comes to Kanye. He comes back around. You might not like him in between, but when he sees you, he does the right thing.”

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