Dame Dash’s Exes Are Suing Lee Daniels Over $1 Million Settlement, Both Women Claim Dash Owes Thousand In Child Support

Dame Dash’s exes are suing Lee Daniels over the mogul’s $1 million in settlement money.

It seems the longstanding legal battle over $1 million is not over. Dash’s exes have now revived a settlement that ended last year between Dame and Daniels. Back in 2018, Daniels and Dash settled their dispute on $5 million. 

According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ, Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales have filed a lawsuit against Daniels, claiming they are the rightful owners of the settlement money.

The two women say the money should go to them as they claim the Roc-A-Fella co-founder has failed to pay them hundreds of thousands in child support. 

Roy, who shares two daughters with Dash, says Dash owes her $826,166.88 in back child support and other expenses, and Morales wants her $244,721.43 for the care of their son. According to The Blast, both of the women say Dash hasn’t paid them more than $5 in child support for 2019.

Dash has denied the women’s accusations, but now they are going after Daniels for the money. There are currently warrants out for Dash’s arrest for the unpaid child support money; Dash plans to settle that legal battle with the two women directly.

Dame Dash vs Exs
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