Daniel Caesar (Kinda) Apologizes For Controversial Comments About Black People: “I Apologize For How I Expressed My Idea”

Last week, Daniel Caesar made headlines for his drunken tirade about being “mean to white people,” in which he defended controversial social media influencer, Yes Julz, and encouraged Black people to get with the “winning team’s strategy” because we aren’t winning as a culture. 

The drunken remarks sparked calls for his cancellation, which, in turn, led to a sit down with Black Activist DeRay McKesson, followed by an apology by the “Get You” singer, himself. Although he previously said that he would not be apologizing for his offensive remarks, he made it clear, over the weekend, that he was sorry for how he said what he said, rather than the actual remarks. 

“I expressed my opinion in a very pretentious, I was talking down to you guys…I apologize for how I expressed my idea because that is where I went wrong,” Caesar said on Instagram Live. “I believe in what I said, and as a man, I need to admit when he is wrong. I can admit when I am wrong.” 

“It was a tyrannical rant,” he said, as he acknowledged the fact that he left no room for debate. “A tyrant doesn’t have people around checking him. And my dawgs, when we disagree on something we check each other. But we agreed in that sentiment…but we feel so strongly about it that we didn’t realize how harsh we were coming off.” 

“I can handle this shit. I’m glad this all happened because I feel like I’m coming full circle. This shit has been hurting me, and I believe that pain is weakness leaving the body,” he said. “So I feel like I’m stronger because of this.” 

“But, this is hurting my ego right now, I don’t like apologizing.”

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