DaniLeigh Address and Apologizes For Controversy Behind "Yellow Bone" Comments

DaniLeigh Address and Apologizes For Controversy Behind “Yellow Bone” Comments

DaniLeigh took to Instagram on Sunday to address the controversy behind her new unreleased song “Yellowbone” and apologize to anyone she may have offended. 

In a lengthy Instagram video, the singer starts by saying that her song was misinterpreted, and she never meant to give off the impression that the world prefers light skins. 

For those who did not see, on Thursday, in a now-deleted Instagram video, DaniLeigh shared a snippet of her new song, in which she is celebrating “light skin baddies.”

The post quickly received backlash, with many going as far as to say that she was attempting to “throw shade” at her boyfriend, DaBaby’s ex, MeMe — a black woman of darker complexion, Madame Noire reported. 

DaniLeigh tells her fans that she was “just making music — turning up,” and was speaking on “her man” and “what he wants.” She never intended for the song to be taken as deeply as it was, but does understand that colorism is very real and admits she lacked a particular awareness of that when she released the triller. 

However, the 26-year-old did ask an interesting question, “Brown skin women can make music about their skin types… Why can’t I?” 

She stated she identifies as light skin, “yellow bone,” and mentioned that she never viewed her lighter-skin type as superior. 

She loves all skin types. 

“I didn’t think it was going to blow over like that at all,” DaniLeigh said in her video. “I’m sorry I offended you guys. It was not my intentional at all.”

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