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DaniLeigh’s Brother Wants To Put Them Paws On DaBaby & Wack 100

Well, it seems like DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bill was serious about putting them paws on DaBaby and possibly Wack 100.

Brandon first spoke about getting in the ring with DaBaby after the rapper got into a public argument with singer DaniLeigh last week. DaniLeigh is the mother of DaBaby’s youngest child, and the two got into a disagreement after DaBaby asked Dani to leave his home. To protect himself, DaBaby got on Instagram Live and recorded the entire situation. This did not sit too well with  Brandon, and he called out DaBaby for a fight.

“This crazy. This n***a wanna call the cops on my sis. This n***a wanna disrespect my sister online or the world to see, disrespect my family. I’m sayin’. This ain’t even got nothing to do with my sister no more, bro. This gotta do with me and you,” Brandon said on his Instagram story.

While most people would think Brandon was just acting off of emotions during the situation, he was actually serious about the fighting match.

Brandon recently sat with Hollywood Unlocked, where he reiterated his statement. When asked who would win a fight between him and DaBaby, Brandon replied, “Ima knock him out. I put $2 million on that sh*t. I got people right now, they’re telling me go put the bag up, bro. We could put this bag up. We could get millions. Million, bro! I will get in that ring and I will knock him out. He won’t even touch me. I promise you that. I put all my money on that.”

Now it is unclear how Wack 100 got thrown into the mix, but when Brandon was suggested to contact Wack to set up the fight, Bill sent shots his way as well.

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