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Today we learn that the former NFL veteran, Darren Sharper, will serve nine years in federal prison. This comes after Sharper pleaded guilty to  sexual assault and attempted sexual assault in Arizona early Monday. The 39 year old also pleaded no contest to six counts of drugging and raping two victims in October 2013 and January 2014.


Unlike state sentencing, Sharper will have to serve every day of his federal sentencing. He will transition from federal to state prison at some point. His previous detainment in Los Angeles (Feb. 27, 2014) will count as time served.  According to USA Today, the global settlement negotiated by his attorney his time served will run concurrently with the sentencing he will receive in Nevada and Louisiana. Sharper is expected to enter guilty pleas for the two rape charges in Las Vegas and the three in New Orleans. As part of the agreement,  Sharper will remain on probation for the rest of his life.


Sharper’s formal sentencing for his Los Angeles case will occur at a later date. He will be extradited to Louisiana to resolve his state and federal charges. The plea deal saves Sharper the potential 30 years he could face if convicted.  USA Today also reports that none of the cases have gone to trial or even received an evidentiary hearing except Arizona , where a judge ruled last April there was “proof evident” Sharper raped women there in 2013.  His DNA partially matched the DNA found inside the women. As far as the Arizona case, no DNA was found, but that could be due to the alleged vasectomy Sharper had according to a detective.


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