Daughter Becomes A Hero After Calling 911 To “Order Pizza” During Her Mother’s Domestic Violence Incident

A daughter is being heralded as a hero after her mother’s boyfriend came home drunk and became violent. The 38-year-old woman picked up the phone, called 911, and began ordering a pizza.

The 911 dispatcher was confused at first, telling the woman she called the wrong number to get a pizza.

But she insisted. “No, no, no,” the woman said repeatedly. “You’re not understanding me.”

That’s when the dispatcher quickly realized she wasn’t talking about an actual pizza. He began asking questions about whether the man was still at the residence. He also asked if medical help was needed.

The woman responded, “No. With pepperoni,” and told the dispatcher she couldn’t stay on the phone and hung up. Within seconds, the operator had contacted officers and told them to respond without lights or sirens to not alert the suspect.

Officers arrived at the apartment, and arrested a 56-year-old man, Simon Lopez, and took him to jail, charging him with misdemeanor domestic violence for allegedly punching his girlfriend in the arm and causing her to hit a wall behind her. They also took information from witnesses, according to the Oregon, Ohio police report.

Oregon Police Chief Michael Navarre told The Blade that he is “extremely proud” of how 911 dispatcher Tim Teneyck handled the situation. He picked up on a woman who was in distress, but was in a position where she couldn’t convey it to him in those words,” Navarre said.

“And then he was able to ask her all the right questions without putting her in harm’s way.”

The name of the caller was not immediately released; police would only confirm that she was the daughter of the woman involved in the suspected domestic violence incident.

The dispatcher Tim Teneyck also said accidental pizza calls happen all the time, as it may be the only way to alert authorities.

“If it’s your only option, and that abusive person is next to you and listening to everything you say, then by all means — you call and order that pizza,” he told The Washington Post.

911 Call Saves DV

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