Dave Chappelle Says He’ll Only Apologize To Candace Owens For Calling Her Articulate

Dave Chappelle says he does not plan on apologizing to Candace Owens for all the things he said about her in his Netflix comedy special.

He allegedly won’t say sorry unless it’s for calling her articulate, says longtime comedian Dave Chappelle. During an episode of the podcast The Midnight Miracle, the 47-year-old spoke on his bit about Owens: “There is no possible way that I owe Candace Owens an apology, is there?” questioned the comedian.

Talib Kweli and Yasiin Bey both agreed with Chappelle that he shouldn’t apologize, according to Newsweek. The conversation between the men comes after Chappelle commented on Owens’ antics in his comedy special dedicated to George Floyd, called “8:46.”

“That rotten b****, she’s the worst,” Chappelle said during his show at the time. “I can’t think of a worse way to make money. She’s the most articulate idiot I’ve ever seen in my f***** life.” In response, Owens celebrated Chappelle’s mentioning of her. “Dave Chappelle is one of the greatest comedians of all time, and I made it into one of his specials. That’s POWER!”

While he wouldn’t apologize for joking that he’ll kick her “in the pu**y,” among other things, he did say he’d apologize for calling her articulate. “By the way, Candace Owens, I’m sorry I called you ‘articulate.'”

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Candace Owens and Dave Chappelle (Selfies)
Candace Owens and Dave Chappelle (Selfies)

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