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DC Young Fly Reflects On Dealing With Grief While Recalling The Passing Of His Girlfriend, Jacky Oh: “Emotionally, I’m Numb To Death Because I’m Used To It” [Video]

DC Young Fly reflects on how the loss of numerous individuals in his life has influenced his approach to dealing with grief.

In an exclusive preview of Tuesday’s Tamron Hall episode, the Wild N’ Out star opens up about how he reacted to the passing of his partner Jacky Oh, admitting that he “scared” himself.

“I’d had been through so much loss,” he clarifies, reflecting on his reaction to the news of a loved one’s passing. “Emotionally, I’m numb to death, because I’m used to it.”
DC Young Fly discloses that his initial encounter with loss occurred when he was 16, and he has noticed a “unique response” to each death he has encountered throughout the years.

“With my cousin, I was angry,” he says. “When my father died, I was at peace. When my best friend died, I was confused. Now, when my girl died, I’m shocked.”

“And who is this for?” DC added speaking of Jacky’s death. “Who do I talk to? Because this not only affects me, it affects my children. They have [gone] through something that I ain’t even been through.”

The TV personality shares the impact of his partner’s passing on their children, Nova, Nala, and Prince Nehemiah. He believes that his daughters have inherited “the spirit” and, as a result, have been a source of solace for the entire family as they navigate their way through grief.

“I hear my older daughter, Nova, she [says], ‘Oh, I heard auntie in there crying. I told her, ‘Daddy said stop crying. We supposed to be strong. We’re gonna be alright,’” he says. “That’s the [Holy] Spirit letting me know that they’re on their way. They’re built for it, it’s gonna be hard but they’re built for it.”

Jacky passed away on May 31, following complications from cosmetic surgery.

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