Dead Wrong: Paraguay Woman Wakes Up In Body Bag After Being Pronounced Dead

A  46-year-old Paraguay woman who suffers from ovarian cancer was mistakenly declared dead after being treated by a physician.

Gladys Rodríguez de Duarte had been admitted to San Fernando Clinic in Coronel Oviedo after experiencing an increase in her blood pressure, according to NY Post.

Two hours after being treated by her physician, Duarte was declared dead of cervical cancer. The 46-year-old woman’s husband and daughter were then handed a death certificate.

Duarte’s body was then transported to a funeral home, where they noticed movement inside the body bag.

Gloria was rushed to intensive care, where she is currently a “delicate but stable” condition, according to ABC Color.

Due to mistakenly pronouncing Gloria dead, her husband, Maximino Duarte Ferreira, has filed a complaint against the doctor. He claims that they announced her passing on purpose because they no longer wanted to treat her.

“He assumed she was dead and handed her naked to me like an animal with her death certificate,” fumed Ferreira to local media. He claimed that “they disconnected her and passed her off to the funeral home” without even trying to revive her.

Doctors deny foul play. A fellow physician insisted that the doctor tried to revive Gloria and wasn’t able to locate a pulse. ”He tried to revive her, but it was unsuccessful.”

The physician speculates that Gloria may have suffered from catalepsy, which is a condition identified by muscle rigidity and a complete lack of response to outside stimuli.

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