Dear F*ck Girl, Thank You For Ruining Another Good Dude and His Perception Of Women



Dear F*ck Girl,
I get it you’ve been hurt and because of that hurt, you hurt others. The last dude you were with blacked your eyes. The one before that cheated on you repeatedly and told you the random females that were nothing, but they were. Then there was your fiancé and father of your child. You had “forever” engraved in your heart and temporary was on his mind. That dude left you destitute with poor credit and no money. I get it. You don’t trust anything, but this cycle has to stop.
You’re hurting. You’ve chosen to dismiss your pain, your fears and hurt the next before he hurts you. What about healing first? What about taking time out to understand why you endured what you went through? What about understanding the lesson that was being taught?
It is important for you to be aware of your emotions and understand that moving to the next guy before you healed is a contributing factor to why you kept being hurt. You were searching for something you weren’t ready to receive and consequently you made poor choices.
Now you are on a mission to hurt the next man, but this guy isn’t like the rest. He’s sincere and real, but you are so damaged you mistake his transparency for game. Therefore you dog him. You lie to him. You tell him you love him to get him to give you all of him. And once you’ve gotten what you wanted, you move on to the next.
But he didn’t deserve what you did to him so now he is doing to others exactly what was done to you. He is breaking their hearts and leading them on. He is getting the next woman to commit while he plays the field. And like you, he won’t take time to heal. So the cycle will continue and for those of us women sincerely wanting love, his perception of us will be skewed because you did to him, what those f*ck boys did to you.

Heal, sis. It’s a good due out there for you.


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