Deborah Cox Talks New Album, Performing with the National Philharmonic Orchestra and More

Deborah Cox Talks New Album, Performing with the National Philharmonic Orchestra and More

Deborah Cox and her soulful tone and vibrant spirit is a gift that keeps on giving. The Grammy-nominated recording artist isn’t just a singer — she’s also taken her talents to Broadway and television.

A “great escape” is how Cox describes acting. Her recent acting projects include BET’s “Influence” and “The First Wives Club.

“It’s very therapeutic for me. It always gets you to get a lot of pent-up energy out,” said Cox.

Cox plays Regina in BET’s “The First Wives Club” and says she and the character could be great friends in real life. “She’s someone I think I’d have some great conversations with,” said Cox. Jill Scott plays Regina’s former bandmate in the series, and Cox said they share some great moments of “sisterhood” on screen.

Performing with the National Philharmonic is what Cox has been working on most recently. They’ve been all over the country doing a combination of shows and orchestra performances together. “It’s been an exhilarating experience. I love string instruments, and I love the idea of people coming together to perform in a unified way,” said Cox.

Cox said a different style of performance comes out of her when she hears the orchestra behind her. She has two performances happening in Florida in December at the Hard Rock Live and the Kravits.

Being able to perform different styles of music is what Cox has been most excited about. “That truly makes me happy,” she said.

According to Cox, new music is on the way, and fans can plan to have it by next year. “I can’t say much, but I can share that its music of the moment that also transcends the moment,” she said. Cox explained that the music would explain where she is spiritually, holistically, and is also upbeat.


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