Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders Ends Interview After Reporter Calls Him by His First Name

Deion Sanders is the talk of social media after abruptly ending an interview with a reporter who continuously called him by his first name.

The former football and baseball pro, who is now the head coach of the Jackson State football team, appeared at Southwestern Athletic Conference media day on Tuesday to kick off the new season. Clarion-Ledger reporter Nick Suss spoke with Sanders, referring to him as Deion instead of “Coach,” as he requested. Sanders swiftly corrected Suss after the first instance.

“Back up a little bit. You don’t call Nick Saban ‘Nick.’ Don’t call me ‘Deion,'” the Hall of Famer instructed, referring to the University of Alabama’s head coach. Suss informed Sanders that he indeed referred to Saban as “Nick,” to which Sanders disputed.

“No, you don’t. That’s a lie. If you call Nick ‘Nick,’ you get cussed out on the spot. So don’t do that and treat me like Nick,” Sanders protested. Instead of respecting his wishes and calling him by his title, Suss snarkily replied, “OK, Deion.”


Without saying another word, Sanders removed his headset and exited. Shortly after, Sanders addressed the situation on Twitter.

“Never walked out of media day,” he said before adding that Suss “thought it was cute” to address him the way he did.


On Wednesday, Sanders shared another message to Twitter, writing, “Respect is something that u must demand & stand for.”


Suss stood by his actions, saying that he calls everyone he interviews by their first name.

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