Delta Unveils New Seat Prototype to Better Accommodate Wheelchair Users

Delta Unveils New Seat Prototype to Better Accommodate Wheelchair Users

Delta Air Lines has introduced a new seat design that will make it easier for wheelchair users to travel.

The first-of-its-kind kind airplane seat debuted at the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo in Germany. The new design would allow travelers who use a powered wheelchair to remain in their own wheelchairs during the entire flight while still having access to a headrest, tray table, and cocktail table, Delta’s website stated.

Delta Flight Products (DFP) partnered with UK-based consortium Air4All to build a seat that not only converts a standard passenger seat to an accommodation for wheelchair restraint but it will also facilitate a more seamless boarding and disembarking experience for PRM.

“DFP [Delta Flight Products] delivers highly engineered products and services to fill service gaps, solve operational challenges, and transform the experience of customers and crewmembers,” Rick Salanitri, the president of Delta Flight Products, said in a statement.

“Air4All is collaborating with DFP and our strong production and manufacturing capabilities to explore new ways to deliver equal access to comfort, safety, and dignity for all customers. This patented design offers new possibilities for customers with disabilities to enjoy a travel experience they truly deserve.”

“An innovation like this in air travel provides those with reduced mobility a safe and comfortable way for them to travel and remain in their own power wheelchair,” said Chris Wood, Founder of Flying Disabled.  “It has taken truly a collaborative effort to develop this seat and we believe this product provides an optimal solution for all parties.”

The next step is for the innovative seat design to get certified and forego rounds of testing, Travel + Leisure reported.

Delta already offers designated aisle wheelchairs and wheelchair assistants to assist travelers in wheelchairs getting to and from their seats. Most of Delta’s aircraft have an onboard wheelchair “specially designed to fit within the aisle of the aircraft and for use to and from the lavatory,” but it may not fit inside the bathrooms.

Delta Flight Products (DFP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, which is committed to and has long engaged in a variety of initiatives to increase air travel accessibility while continuously innovating and evolving in this space.

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