Demi Lovato Had Reportedly Been Using Meth and Partying With Friends, Who Ditched Her, Ahead of Apparent Overdose

On Tuesday, Demi Lovato was hospitalized for an apparent overdose, just one month after revealing she had relapsed after six years of sobriety. 

Although initial reports claimed that the singer had overdosed on heroin, a source close to Lovato denied that to be true, but, refused to disclose the drug that led to her bad trip. 

Now, upon further investigation, new details have surfaced about the days leading up to the incident. 

Sources say Lovato had been using after she fired her sober coach, earlier this month. However, just ahead of the incident, according to TMZ, Lovato had been partying throughout the night at her $8 million Hollywood Hills home.

However, shortly before noon, Lovato overdosed, and according to the Daily Mail, the singer’s friends revived her with Narcan, phoned officials and fled before officials arrived. 

Although no drugs were seized from the home, a nurse at the hospital, where Lovato is being treated, told police that the singer had been using methamphetamine days before the incident. 

According to The Blast, officers on the scene reportedly took pictures of the drug paraphernalia they found in the home. They also found residue of what looked like illegal drugs, but they did not take a sample. In fact, officials do not plan to press charges since they responded to a medical call, rather than a criminal complaint. 

In the meantime, those closes to the singer have spoken out about the incident, including Lovato’s longtime guitarist, who condemned the group of unknown people who were with Lovato at the time of the alleged overdose. 

“Anybody who was with Demi last night and actually calls themselves a friend should actually be disgusted with themselves. SICK!!,” Manning wrote. “You can never trust anyone. Never can know if your “friends” are truly on your side or not.” 

“The snakes are always alive. Don’t be fooled,” he continued. “The devils lurk in the shadows. I am disgusted by the self-serving demons.”

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