Denver Couple Shot With PepperBalls By Police Set To Receive $325,000 Settlement

Denver Couple Shot With PepperBalls By Police Set To Receive $325,000 Settlement

A couple who was shot with PepperBalls by police as they delivered a DoorDash order has been awarded monetary damages.

The shocking ordeal took place in June 2020 when homeless partners Shaiitario Brown and pregnant Brittney King were delivering a DoorDash order in Denver, Colorado. As their vehicle, which they were living in at the time, neared the intersection by the Civic Center, they noticed a heavy police presence due to a George Floyd protest taking place. Brown got out of the vehicle to inform the officers that King was pregnant and requested they be allowed to pass. That is when the officers fired PepperBalls at the couple. Due to the chemicals in the balls, the car was deemed unlivable, taking away the couple’s only means of shelter.

Brown suffered lacerations and bruising to his face, while King sustained a broken right hand due to multiple shots, chemical burns, bruises, and several balls being fired directly into her stomach. According to the lawsuit, King experienced complications during her pregnancy due to the attack that has now resulted in the child having developmental delays.

The Denver City Council agreed this week to a $325,000 payment to the couple. Their federal lawsuit was solidified due to the entire interaction with officers being captured on video by a nearby witness. After the assault, Brown also shared photos of his bloodied face.

Shortly after the protests, he spoke with a local media outlet, demanding answers as to why he and King were attacked when they were simply driving.

“I want answers as to why you’re shooting at innocent people who are not protesting, and there’s a pregnant woman in the car,” he stated.

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