Proposed Divorce Agreement Between Derek Chauvin And His Wife Rejected For Possible Fraud

A Washington County District judge rejected a proposed divorce agreement between Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd‘s death, and his estranged wife, citing the possibility of fraud.

According to Fox 9, Judge Juanita Freeman wrote that a transfer of “substantially all” of one’s assets to another in an uncontested marriage dissolution is a “badge of fraud” and rejected the proposal.

The order filed on Oct. 26th proposed an agreement that would give Chauvin’s estranged wife Kellie all the equity in their homes, all of their funds in the bank and investment accounts, and all of Derek’s pension and retirement accounts, except for the nonmarital portion of all but two accounts.

Judge Freeman’s order states the two can submit a revised agreement to be considered by the court, but the next version must include a balance sheet showing each person’s amount of debt.

The Chauvins were already charged with Tax fraud earlier this year after being accused of failing to file several years of income tax and under-reporting their income.

Derek Chauvin Asks Judge to dismiss charges

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