Derrick Jaxn’s Alleged Mistress Exposes Their Affair, Claims They Slept Together In His Marital Bed

Derrick Jaxn’s Alleged Mistress Exposes Their Affair, Claims They Slept Together In His Marital Bed

Derrick Jaxn has made a name for himself on social media as a “relationship expert,” giving advice and opinions to his millions of followers on what it takes to maintain healthy relationships.

Jaxn, who has been married for 4 years, has written several books that aim to help his female audience find the love they desire but has often been criticized and called a “simp” by men who think his messaging pander’s women.

Now his alleged mistress is exposing his cheating ways. A woman named Candice De Medeiros spoke exclusively to vlogger Tasha K about her affair with Jaxn during an interview on Friday and brought plenty of receipts.

De Medeiros claimed that Jaxn told her he was separated from his wife of four years. He then arranged for Candice to spend a romantic weekend at his home in Atlanta that he shares with his wife and children while they were away visiting family in Colorado last year.

De Medeiros revealed that Jaxn also flew her and her friends out to Miami for a lavish weekend getaway and sent her money to shop with. Then a few weeks later, without notice- she realized she was blocked and later discovered that Jaxn had posted a loving message to his “estranged” wife on his Instagram to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

De Medeiros also backed up her claims with a slew of screenshots of text messages, money transfers, and sneaky pics she took while laying in his marital bed. 

According to Tasha K., De Medeiros is not the first woman to contact her about Jaxn’s philandering. Tasha K. claimed another woman who claimed to have been involved with the relationship expert off and on for years planned to come forward before but later backed out, out of fear.

Jaxn, who has often been a polarizing presence on social media, has not commented on any of the allegations.

Derrick Jaxn text Derrick Jaxn text 2Derrick Jaxn Money transferDerek Jaxn sneak picDerrick Jaxn

Derrick Jaxn bedroom

screenshots from sis2sis

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  1. Tasha K keeps exposing Derrick J. Do you think she has more information that we don’t know about. My sympathies for his wife and children.

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