Deshaun Watson Accusers Plan To Attend Cleveland Browns Game
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Deshaun Watson Maintains His Innocence After Two New Accusers File Sexual Misconduct Lawsuits [Video]

Deshaun Watson is maintaining his innocence after several women have come forward with new inappropriate sexual conduct claims.

Watson currently has 26 active lawsuits against him. In the past two weeks, two new lawsuits have been filed by former masseuses hired by the football pro. Last week, the New York Times unveiled a shocking report documenting Watson’s excessive use of massage therapists over a 17-month period. Many of the women said that Watson insisted on sexual acts during the massages. In most cases, they were compensated as low as $100 for their services. Rusty Hardin, Watson’s lawyer, admits that the 26-year-old had sex with three of the women but says that those instances were consensual.

On Tuesday, the Cleveland Browns quarterback maintained his innocence.

“I never harassed anyone, or I never disrespected anyone. I never forced anyone to do anything,” he added.

Watson also shared he feels terrible about how the allegations have impacted those close to him.

“That’s one thing I do regret is the impact that it’s triggered on so many people. It’s tough to have to deal with,” Watson said.

Though Watson has faced mounting allegations, he has not been criminally charged with anything. Two different grand juries in the Houston region decided not to indict him. The cases will begin to be heard next Spring in Texas. More lawsuits are expected within that time.

Cleveland Browns’ head coach Kevin Stefanski says there are currently no plans to pull Watson from the team but says that could change as developments arise.

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