Despite Restraining Order, Lark Voorhies Defends Husband In Bizarre Interview With ET (VIDEO)

Former Saved By The Bell star, Lark Voorhies, sat down with Entertainment Tonight for an interview that could be classified as bizarre to say the least. The topic of discussion was her recent marriage to an admitted former gang member, Jimmy Green, and the allegations from her mother that he married Lark to take advantage of her and her money.

Lark, who is under her mother’s care, says that her mother’s initial reaction to her marriage was supportive. “The support was there,” Lark told ET. “It’s all celebratory.” Lark’s mother says that Green has been living with her and Lark since they got married. She worries that he is taking advantage of her. When asked about her mother’s allegations Lark gets defensive before answering, “He’s not,” adding, “We’re selectively together for all the right reasons.”

Lark’s mother filed a restraining order against Green in April, saying that she was worried he would cause Lark physical harm. Green tells ET that he has never physically harmed Lark and that he’s only ever yelled at her “aggressively” and in a “demanding” way.  

Once again, Lark is asked about her mental health and whether or not she has been diagnosed as bipolar. She says she hasn’t, and has only ever suffered from depression following a previous divorce. Watch the entire interview below.

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