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Despite Trump’s Commutation Kodak Black Still Faces Sexual Assault Charges in SC

Thanks to Donald Trump, Kodak Black is getting out of federal jail, but South Carolina prosecutors are still ready to pursue a sexual assault case against him.

The rapper was indicted on a felony charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina. Prosecutors tell us that they are still planning to press the case against Kodak until he gets a plea deal or a trial.

Ed Clements, Florence County’s 12th Circuit Solicitor, told TMZ that COVID has interrupted their pending 2016 case against Kodak — jury trials are suspended, and no court date is scheduled — but prosecutors still want to go after Kodak “aggressively.”

As previously reported,

As we have been reporting …  Trump commuted Kodak’s 46-month sentence for making a false statement on a federal document, so he’s getting out after serving half the time.

Unfortunately, Trump’s commutation of his federal criminal sentence has NO impact on state court cases, such as the one he is facing in South Carolina. Clements says it’s full steam ahead.

According to legal documents that TMZ has obtained, attorneys in S.C. say that After a Feb. 2016 concert, Kodak allegedly forced an 18-year-old woman into a hotel room and raped her while biting her neck and right breast.

“Aggressively prosecute? It’s been four years. That speaks volumes. Kodak was on bond and tour for two years before his federal case even began. Ed’s a very fine and experienced prosecutor, and I look forward to once again speaking with him about this case. It’s been a while,” Kodak’s attorney in S.C., Beattie Ashmore, explained.

If convicted, Kodak faces up to 30 years in state prison.



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