Dez Bryant Calls Out Malika Andrews Amid Josh Giddey Scandal 

Dez Bryant Calls Out ESPN’s Malika Andrews For Alleged Bias Amid Josh Giddey Scandal 

Malika Andrews has been under fire amid reports surrounding Oklahoma City player Josh Giddey‘s alleged intimate relationship with a minor. 

Many took to Twitter to call out Andrews for not immediately reporting on Giddey’s situation, highlighting an alleged double standard in how she covers certain players over others. 

Dez Bryant was one of the very celebrities who questioned Andrews’ coverage. In a now-deleted tweet, the former NFL receiver slammed the NBA anchorwoman for seemingly refusing to cover Giddey’s allegations the same way she did with Charlotte Hornets’ forward Brandon Miller.

“@malikaandrews you went out your way to crucify Brandon Miller on draft day over something he didn’t even do,” Bryant wrote. “Why haven’t you said nothing about Josh Giddy.” 

“I advise you not to make this a black or white thing. Your parents really raised you wrong, and just because you went to a private school doesn’t make you better. You appeal, and I know you kind. You just a puppet I don’t know how a former or current NBA player could sit there across from you and look at you with some kind of respect.”

Before Miller’s selection at No. 2 in the 2023 NBA Draft, Andrew described Miller as a “cooperating witness” in the shooting death of 23-year-old Jamea Jonae Harris in Alabama. Though Miller was not charged in the incident, police allege Miller brought the gun used in the shooting to then-teammate Darius Miles’. Miles then handed the gun to another person who committed the crime. Both Miles and the alleged shooter were indicted on charges of capital murder, according to CBS

During the pre-draft and the day of the NBA Draft, social media users were enraged over Andrews’s coverage, in which she mentioned Miller’s role in the situation on more than one occasion. One user even compared her coverage of both incidents in a tweet with clips of her commentary. 


The rumors of Giddey first circulated on November 22, and Malika officially reported the allegations on November 28 on NBA Countdown

In the meantime, Giddey is under league investigation over the allegations. 

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