Did Chris Brown Get Matching Rihanna Tattoo For Real This Time?

I never really bought into the neck tattoo being of a battered Rihanna. It was obvious it wasn’t. It didn’t look like her, didn’t even look like a battered woman. I guess you had to be a little twisted in the mind to actually see that. Luckily Chris cleared up where the inspiration for that controversial tat came from. Now this one, this one here is definitely questionable. Chris recently took to his instagram to debut his latest tattoo, a fighter jet on his rib cage. One that bears a striking resemblance to Rihanna’s Egyptian Goddess Isis in the same spot. While Rihanna explained the tattoo was in remembrance of her grandmother who passed, you can’t help but think Chris’ tat was inspired by his former flame seeing as his tattoo came after her great unveiling. What do you think?

[Via I Am Super Gorge]

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