Did CoCo Buy Her Vegas Sidepiece An Aston Martin With Ice-T’s Money?

Oh Coco, say it isn’t so! What started as what Coco says was an innocent photograph has turned into something bigger than I’m sure she would have ever imagined. AP9, the man photographed hugged up with the bootylicious blonde in Vegas on several occasions is getting his Kat Stacks on and is telling it ALL!

Well, he’s not exactly telling all but a witness is definitely saying that AP9 wasn’t lying about his little tryst with Coco. He says they had unprotected sex three times, he’s met her family and has Coco’s nudes. In fact, Coco even bought him a car with Ice T’s Law & Order SVU checks! Oh, this b*** is disrespectful!

Watch the interview below. She also spills tea on smashing Kim Kardashian and Kobe Bryant’s wife spending a close to a million dollars on AP9 too. Damn!!

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