Did Rasheeda & K.Michelle Get Into A Fight At Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Show?

Rumor has it things got mighty heated at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show. The show, which was taped in New York a couple of days ago, was expected to be very dramatic but no one saw this one coming. Allegedly. A source tells Urban Belle Mag exclusively that Rasheeda and K. Michelle were involved in a fight over K. Michelle’s comments about Toya Wright, who is good friends with Rasheeda. 

I recently read the article you wrote about Karlie Redd and Benzino being together. Well at the reunion, you could clearly see that those two are indeed broken up. The breakup seems like it’s a recent one, but I can’t elaborate on why they broke up  (they took down all our information).  I also knew that K. Michelle and Karlie Redd could get into it (which they did) but no one told me that Rasheeda and K. Michelle had beef. Rasheeda called out K. Michelle on her immaturity and K. Michelle just went in on her, talkin greezy about Rasheeda’s family and rap career. Then all of a sudden, they started fighting on the set. Security rushed on the set and broke it up but they went at it! I couldn’t believe it! I thought they were friends on the show but Rasheeda looked like she handled K. Michelle. Oh and Stevie has a new girlfriend. And Joseline and Mimi aren’t too happy about it either.

Some not so reliable source says Rasheeda was punched in the face by K. Michelle and knocked unconscious. Here’s what Rasheeda had to say about that.

I don’t believe Rasheeda was knocked unconscious or anything of that matter seeing as this unreliable “site” is not known for telling the truth. Plus, the photo above was taken after the reunion show. Rasheeda doesn’t look like a woman who had her lights knocked out. I do believe however that there may have been some kind of confrontation based on what the reader told Urban Belle Mag. Rasheeda is really good friends with Toya and I can definitely see her pulling a “Chrissy” to defend her friend. I guess we won’t know until the show airs though.

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