Did The Dream Propose To A Toronto Escort With A Fake Name?

Terius “The Dream” Nash never coined himself as Mr. Steal Yo Girl. He wasn’t all that of a romantic. He knows how to make a hit though so it was a bit weird for me to see a genius behind the pen be an idiot behind a woman. Let rumors tell it,  The Dream is canoodling and even ENGAGED to a con artist former escort. He doesn’t even know the girl’s real name! 

According to The Dirty

R&B Singer ‘The Dream’ cheated on his girlfriend & dropped his wife for this Asian girl. He proposed to her & he DOESNT EVEN KNOW HER REAL NAME!!! He tattoo’d “Seung” on his arm of her & she announced on her personal page they were engaged but…. her name is actually Lydia Nam from Toronto. This girl is a mess. She has been charged with child endangerment in Canada so Christina Milian (his hot singer ex-wife) better watch out. Here is a picture of her dressed up as a “Gold Digger” for Halloween. She is known in Toronto for being an escort. She completely discarded her best friend of many years to change her identity to be with him. She’s a huge sham. Terius Nash proves hes a BIG DUMMY yet again!

Shawty ain’t a ten..Shawty is more like a hoe 🙁

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