Did Tiffany Haddish Officially Confirm Her Relationship With Common?

After much speculation, Tiffany Haddish seems to have come clean about dating rapper Common.

First, it was the paint and sip date night and then the Instagram live interview with Cedric The Entertainer that got everyone wondering if the comedian and musician were an item. Now, it seems the dating rumors have been confirmed after Haddish, 40, revealed the two were going on a social distancing date, which ended up being a paid ad with the dating app, Bumble. In the ad, the actor-comedian pretended to get matched up with Common, and the two spent their time on a romantic virtual date.

Like with any date, the pair dressed up in their best fits to meet one another. “You look very beautiful,” the 48-year-old told Haddish. “You looking very handsome yourself,” responded Haddish, who then called Common “so sweet and romantic.” Common also gifted Haddish with flowers that were delivered to her, and the two shared the same meal. In true form, Haddish made a joke about underwear being optional.

“I wore the black dress (drawers optional) for my #bumble virtual date with common this weekend. He sent me flowers, we ordered food, and we talked into the night,” Haddish wrote in her captioned video. But, the comedian pulled the reigns on confirming any dating rumors on Tuesday after Hoda Kotb asked about their relationship on the Today Show. “Get out my bedroom, Hoda!,” said Haddish, breaking away from the conversation. The two have been shipped as a couple since 2018 when they were seen leaving a late-night party together.

While Haddish refers to Common as a “friend,” fans did not get that impression when she jokingly said she can’t get her birth control shot while quarantining with Common three weeks ago.  “That was an exclusive,” said Haddish. ”And since we’re on quarantine, I can’t get my [birth control] shot, so let’s see what happens!”

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